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Pencil Progress Tracker
Dry Erase, 40" Tall

Goals are better when they’re achieved together! Engage and push youngsters to shared goals and benchmarks with the Progress Tracker Kit. It is ideal for use in the classroom or at home to foster growth and development in children. Track progress, student whereabouts, and so much more with this versatile educational tool. The pencil-shaped tracker is 40” and light-weight for easy portable use. That’s over 3 feet tall!

Product Features:
• Brightly Colored Card Stock Sections
• 6 Sections And 10 Connector Rings 
• 4 Dry Erase Close Pins
• Colors: Green, Orange, Pink, Blue, Yellow
• 40” Tall When Assembled
• Skill Building Tool

Teach Vibrantly
Earn cool points with your students with brightly colored teaching décor. With a variety of décor options that are fun and functional, you can teach vibrantly. 

Colorize Your Classroom
Studies by the American Paper Institute show that color increases retention.