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Back To School Flipbook




Back To School Flipbook


The Creative ClassroomBY CANDACE BOWLES
  The Meaningful Teacher


Back-to-school season is arguably THE most exciting time of the year for teachers and students. It’s filled with nerves, anticipation, and excitement for what the school year will bring. For teachers, finding engaging yet meaningful activities for the first week of school is crucial!


Speaking of engaging, yet meaningful activities – today I’m sharing with you my FAVORITE back-to-school activity, along with the printable template for you to use in your classroom this year!

This back-to-school flipbook is the perfect low-prep activity to allow your students to be creative and get to know their new classmates.





1. Simply print out each page of the flipbook template. I like to print each page on different ASTROBRIGHTS Color Paper to make it even more fun!

2. Then, have your students cut out each page on the dotted lines.

3. After each page is cut, students will place glue at the top of the bottom three pages above the solid line. This will attach the flipbook and create the layered effect!

Back To School Activity

4. Now that your flipbooks are assembled, your students can complete each of the three activities! This is the best part. The first activity is called Numbered Notes. Students will use each of the numbers 1-10 and write an interesting fact about themselves that includes that number. For example, number 5 could be, “My jersey number in baseball is number five.” I love this activity because it really gets students thinking, and they can’t just use the same boring facts that they’re used to sharing about themselves! It’s the perfect opportunity to have some class discussion and allow students to get to know each other.

Numbered Notes Classroom Activity

5. The next activity is called Would I Rather? This is a writing activity, but with a twist. Students will explain their answer to three Would You Rather questions. I love these for the beginning of the school year because students always get very passionate about their answers, and it stirs up some amazing classroom discussions.

Would You Rather Classroom Activity

6. The last activity is called Colorful Qualities. This activity will have students answering questions about the upcoming school year and coloring a picture according to the answers they choose. It’s like a back-to-school questionnaire, but SO much more engaging. I love to see how different all of the pictures turn out!

Colorful Qualities Classroom Activity

And there you have it! Three engaging, and meaningful first week of school activities all roped into one downloadable template. These colorized flipbooks are perfect for a back-to-school hallway display. Click here to download your template and get started! Happy teaching!