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Beginning of the Year Goals Flipbook




The Creative ClassroomBY CANDACE BOWLES
  The Meaningful Teacher


Planning for back to school? Throw away those boring, beginning of the school year worksheets and colorize your classroom with a goal setting flipbook! Your students will actually enjoy setting goals for the school year, and you’ll have a colorful and purposeful back-to-school hallway display. The best part? You can add this fun activity to your first week of school lesson plans with hardly any prep!


Prior to completing this activity, have your students reflect on what a goal should be – academic or personal! Here are some things to have your students consider:


  • Make sure the goal is realistic for this school year
  • You want it to be measurable – for example “I want to get better at math” can’t be measured at the end of the year, so you won’t know if you accomplished it!
  • If a goal seems too big to accomplish in one school year, see if you can break it into smaller goals!





Here’s how to use this goal setting activity in your classroom:

1. Print the goal setting flipbook template out on ASTROBRIGHTS Papers.

2. Prompt your students, using the discussion points mentioned above, to brainstorm a list of possible goals for the year. Have them write down every possible goal that comes to mind in their notebook!

3. After each student has a list of possible goals, allow them some time to go back and narrow down their list to the top three. They can discuss with a partner, a small group, or just take time to think about it on their own. Once each student has their top three goals – it’s time to colorize!

4. Pass out both template sheets. I like to print each template on different colors of ASTROBRIGHTS papers to add to the fun. Have your students cut on the dotted lines, and glue along the left side of the bottom page to attach the two sheets together.

5. Then, have your students take their three goals for the year and transfer them to the flipbook. They’ll fill out their three goals, two things they can do throughout the year to accomplish, or get closer to their goals, and a way they would like to celebrate if they meet their goals. Let your students be creative with their celebrations!

6. Once all the flipbooks are completed, have some students share their goals and ideas – then hang them up in the classroom or hallway for some colorful, visual motivation!

That’s it! Goal setting, and CELEBRATING meeting those goals, is such an important part of a positive, and enjoyable classroom environment. Get your school year started on the right foot and colorize your 2022 classroom with a meaningful lesson and goal-setting activity.