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DIY Clear Boxes

Clear Box DiY 


Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LUCIA MALLEA


These cubes are the perfect addition to any party celebration!!

They are great for Baby Showers, Graduations, Birthday parties, you name it!!

Not only can you personalize them by adding different letters, symbols or shapes, but you can also adapt them to any holiday by adding different things on the inside! Black and orange balloons along with some plastic spiders and spider webs would be perfect to haunt this Halloween season!

Let’s get ready to craft!!

Clear Box Craft Supplies




Clear Box Template 

Step 1: Print Lucia Mallea's template on Astrobrights Astro Designs Paper in Bright White.

Clear Box Craft Cut Out

Step 2: Cut out printed pieces.

You should have 6 pieces in total. 2 with 4 flaps, 2 with 2 flaps and 2 with no flaps.

Clear Box with Astrobrights

Step 3: Tape the clear acetate sheets on the inside of all the squares.

Clear Box How To

Step 4: Use the flapless square as your base and start taping the other squares following the picture.

Clear Box Craft Template

Step 5: Tape everything up to form a cube.

DIY Clear Box with Confetti

Step 6: Add confetti, balloons, and anything else you’d like to the inside of the box.

Fun Clear Box

Step 7: Tape the top.

Clear Box with  Personalized Letter

Step 7: Add a letter, a number or a symbol to the front of the cube, and VOILA!!

 Simple Clear Box Craft

Your cube is ready for your next celebration!!