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Large Paper Flowers


Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LYNN LILLY
  Craft Box Girls


Happy National Craft Month! I am excited to be celebrating with Astrobrights and sharing one of my favorite crafts!

Paper Flowers are one of my favorite crafts because they make such a bold statement just like the bright bold Astrodesigns Flora Cardstock!

I made it even easier for you by creating a template that you can print at home! Or if you are feeling crafty you can cut your own petal shape in small, medium and large. 




  1. Download, print and cut out the free template or draw your own petals.
  2. Cut more petals if you want it to have more layers and a fuller flower. Here is a guideline for each size of petal:
    1. Small: 14-16 Petals
    2. Medium: 10-12 Petals
    3. Large: 8-10 Petals
  3. Cut a slit about 2" in the center of the base of the flower. Overlap the cuts and glue together. This will give the petals dimension. Complete this step for all the petals.
  4. Curl the ends (pointed side) around the pencil to curl the petals outward. 
  5. Cut a circle out that is approximately 4" in diameter.
  6. Start by gluing the large petals around the edge of the circle.
  7. Continue to glue the petals around the circle moving in with each row of petals and moving to the medium and to the small. 
  8. To create the center, take one 12" x 12" piece of cardstock and cut a spiral inward. 
  9. Start to roll the spiral from the end where you started to cut, until it is completely rolled up. Use glue to secure the bottom.
  10. Glue the spiral rose into the center of the flower.  

Make multiple flowers to create an arrangement. You can also free hand cut leaves to accent each flower! Once you learn the techniques of making large paper flowers the possibilities are endless!


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Happy National Craft Month!

Lynn :)