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Tails of the Summer

Tail Classroom Activity


April McNair Bright Mind

 A Modern Teacher


Students are going to flip with this writing project! With the end of the school year near, students and teachers alike are dreaming of the most magical time of the year: Summer. Prepping for this special time of the year during the school day can be fun and exciting for everyone. Your little fish will love this writing project: "Tails of the Summer". The project not only gives students something to put together during the last few weeks of school but this can also be a gift from you to your students they can take home. Add a pencil, other writing utensil, maybe some sunglasses, and you'll have a gift that will encourage them to write all summer long.

The best part about this project is that your students can complete this any time of the year. I'll show you how. Let's get to it!

First, I chose to use Astrobrights™ Terrestrial Teal™ for the cover. This is the perfect paper to kick off the summer with vibrancy. Terrestrial Teal is not too blue and not too green. It's the perfect color that exudes summer.


  End of Year Teacher Prompts

Other items you need: 
  • Free Printable: Cover template and sample prompts to get students started
  • Stapler, tape, or glue
  • White Paper

  • Process:
    First, decide which project you'd like to complete.

    Here are three ideas: 


     Make a Fin-Shaped Book


    DIY Tail Activity Book 
    First, print out the cover template.


    Have appropriate paper for your grade level either cut and ready to go or have your students trace the outline of the fin and cut.


    Paper Fish Fin Books


    Staple the white pages to the cover.


    Aquatic DIY Paper Activity Books



    Add the Fin to a Small Book


    Fun Summer Activity Books


    I found books at the Target Dollar Spot. Just glue down the fin on the cover.

     Fin Activity Book

    Fun Fish Classroom Activity


    Or you can add the fin to the top of the book for some whimsy. Just tape at the top.


    Back To School "Flippin" Fun Book


    Tail Fin Summer Activity Book




    At the beginning of the school year, students can complete this project to tell about you their summer. Glue the fin to the top of a white piece of paper and display on a bulletin board, as you can see in the background in this picture below.


    Back to School Summer Flippin Fun Activity Book

    After you decide, then print the cover template and have students complete the project. 
    You can use Astrobrights paper for *any* shape book (like the cover of a Poetry Shape Book) or truly, the cover of any book. Using Astrobrights paper as the cover gives you the color you need without using any color ink.

    You can also have students decorate the cover with adhesive jewels, shapes, glitter, yarn...the possibilities are endless.


    Jeweled Fish Tail Activity Book


    Astrobrights Crafts

    Don't forget to download the free prompts so you can send these home with your students as well.


    End of Year Classroom Prompts


    This is the perfect motivation to get kids writing all summer.


    Kids Summer Writing Activity


    Have fun and Happy Summer!
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    Back to School Flippin Fun book
    Back to School Flippin Fun book

    Colors Used: