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DIY Valentine's Day Mailbox Collection

DIY Valentines Mailbox Collection


Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LYNN LILLY
  Craft Box Girls


My little girl, Lily, loves bright fun colors and is already working on decorating Valentine’s Day cards, so I got a head start on making a Valentine’s Day card box to collect cards from her friends. She loves unicorns, but I love cacti and narwhals, so I decided to make all three. I figured she might have a friend or two that would want a matching one! Astrobrights bright colors made it so easy to create fun boxes that will stand out and I know Lily is going to love the Unicorn! 

General Supplies:



Cactus Valentine’s Day Card Mailbox

Cactus Valentine's Card Box

Astrobrights Paper in Re-Entry Red, Stardust White, Fireball Fuchsia, Eclipse Black,Terrestrial Teal, Galaxy Gold, Venus Violet & Terra Green




1. Download the cactus template, trace and cut the body on Terra Green, Re-Entry Red for the Hearts, Eclipse Black for the larger circles & Stardust White for the smaller circles.

Cactus Valentine's Day Template Supplies

2. Next, glue the white circles over the black circles to make eyes. Glue the eyes to the cactus body and glue the hearts on as cheeks.

How To Make A Cactus Valentine's Card Mailbox

3. Draw a mouth using the black paint pen. 

Cute Cactus Valentine's Day Card Box

4. Cut out a 2in x 4in piece of Fireball Fuchsia, trim into a flower petal pattern of your choice and leave a half inch band at the bottom. Gently roll the rectangle and glue to form a paper flower. Then attach to the back of the cactus with glue. 

How To Make A Paper Cactus Flower

Paper Cactus Flower

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 to create a second cactus.

 Cute Paper Cactus

6. Cut a 5.5in x 5.5in square from a piece of Terrestrial Teal paper. Next, write a message on the bottom half with the white paint pen and set aside. I suggest the message, “Hey You’re Lookin' Sharp!’’

Valentine's Card Box Message


7. Next, cut 1in x 11in fringed strips from Galaxy Gold & Venus Violet.

Color Paper Strips

8. Glue the strips to the gift box starting at the bottom and layer them on top of one another alternating the colors. Continue till you reach the top, then flip the box around, gluing strips to all four sides excluding the top and bottom. Trim the ends if necessary. 

Paper Valentine's Box

9. Cut a slit at the top of your gift box using an exacto knife. 

How To Make A Valentine's Day Box

10. Glue the Terrestrial Teal square with the message over the top.  Use the exacto knife to slice through to the previous cut. Then smooth the edges around it.

How to Make a Valentine's Box


 11. Finish the mailbox by gluing each cactus character to either side of the gift box! Tada, you have an easy do it yourself Cactus Valentine’s Day card box. 

Cactus Valentine's Day Card Box

To create the Narwhal & Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card Mailbox follow the same steps as above for creating 2 characters for each box using templates. Then create the messages and side panels according to each character below using Astrobrights Colored Paper:


Narwhal Valentine’s Day Card Mailbox

 Narwhal Valentine's Card Mailbox

Download the template for the Narwhal. Trace and cut the template pieces per the guide below:


  • Narwhal Body: Rocket Red

  • Face: Fireball Fuchsia, Stardust White & Eclipse Black (*draw smile with black paint pen*)

  • Side Fringes: Lunar Blue & Celestial Blue

  • Top Message Panel: Planetary Purple


Suggested Message: “Whale you be my valentine?”


Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card Mailbox

Unicorn Valentine's Card Mailbox


Download the template for the Unicorn. Trace and cut the template pieces per the guide below:


  • Unicorn Body: Stardust White

  • Face: Re-Entry Red, Stardust White & Eclipse Black

  • Side Fringes: Fireball Fuchsia, Plasma Pink

  • Top Message Panel: Venus Violet 


Suggested Message: “Let’s make magic!”


I can’t help but smile when I look at these three bright and colorful Valentine’s Day Card Boxes. Remember you can customize the box with your favorite Astrobrights colors! The possibilities are endless! 


Happy creating Valentine! 


Xoxo- Lynn Lilly