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DIY Woven Placemats For Summer

DIY Woven Placemats

Holly Wade Bright Mind

 Club Crafted


‘Tis the season for outdoor entertaining, and every picnic could use a little more color. Summertime is perfect for breaking out Astrobrights papers for making bright table accessories, and these simple DIY woven placemats would make a beautiful addition to an outdoor tablescape, brunch buffet or picnic table.

I mixed and matched the vibrant Astrobrights Solar Yellow™, Vulcan Green™, Lunar Blue™ and Pulsar Pink™ colors to make woven paper placemats that I can use again and again throughout the summer when these colors truly shine.


DIY Woven

  • Astrobrights Cardstock
  • Paper cutter
  • Glue stick
  • Tape

Bright Placemats For Summer Entertaining

Step 1: Cut two pages of paper into ½-inch strips with the paper cutter. Repeat with additional colors (2 colors per placemat).

Paper Strips

Step 2: Arrange the strips of the first color side-by-side on a flat surface.

Step 3: Tape the top of the strips down.

Step 4: With the second color of paper strips, weave under-over through the first color. Push the strips up to the tape line and repeat, alternating with each strip.

Paper Weaving Technique

Step 5: Remove the tape and adjust the strips so they are have a very tight weave. Fill in with additional strips.

Step 6: When you have about 1-2 inches left around all four sides, fold them over on one side to clean up the edges.

Paper Weaving

Step 7: Apply the glue stick and press the loose edges in place.

Paper Weaving Technique With Glue

Now the woven placemats are ready to use! Decorate your table beneath your plates or use them for a pop of color on a buffet! Add fresh flowers, fruit or whatever decor you love for a truly vibrant table setting your guests and family will enjoy. Learn about the behind-the-scenes of this fun outdoor photo shoot and more on Club Crafted

Summer Table Setting

Colors Used: