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Northern Lights DIY Flameless Candle Wraps for Winter Nights

 Northern Lights DIY by Kathy Beymer


Kathy Beymer Bright MindBY KATHY BEYMER
  Merriment Design


Shine on through the long winter nights with my northern lights-inspired flameless candle wraps!

The northern lights, AKA aurora borealis, are naturally-occuring celestial lights most clearly seen during long winter arctic nights near the North Pole.[1] Imagine seeing bright greens, blues, and purples slowly swirling in the sky! So inspired by the aurora borealis, I designed an easy winter craft for you featuring Vulcan Green™, Blast-Off Blue™, Lunar Blue™, Gravity Grape™, Eclipse Black™, and the shimmery metallic White Gold™ for stars. I like this craft because you can use it through the entire winter season.

To make my northern lights flameless candle wraps: Gather some LED flameless pillar candles in various heights; these battery-operated candles are easy to find at local retailers and dollar stores. Print my free printable candle wraps templates onto Astrobrights paper. Wrap your flameless candles, add optional stars, turn on, and enjoy.

Seeing the real aurora borealis in person is on my bucket list. Until then, I’ll light up my living room with my northern lights-inspired candles.


 How to Northern Lights Craft



  • Kathy’s 3D northern lights flameless candle wraps printable template (PDF)

  • Vulcan Green™, Blast-Off Blue™, Lunar Blue™, Gravity Grape™ and Eclipse Black™ from the Astrobrights Spectrum cardstock paper pack

  • Astrobrights metallic White Gold™ cardstock for stars 

  • Assorted battery-operated, flameless LED pillar candles (candles must be battery-operated for safety; do not use regular wax candles for this craft)

  • Glue stick

  • Washi tape

  • ⅛” hole punch

  • Scissors (optional: craft knife and self-healing cutting mat or paper cutting machine)

How make northern lights-inspired candle wraps

Step 1:Measure the circumference and height of your battery-operated, flameless LED candle pillars. Mine were 7” around with varying heights (I left about 1-½” of exposed candle at the tops). Again, do not use regular wax candles for this craft; only use battery-operated candles.

Step 2: Download my printable northern lights candle wraps templates (PDF). Print the rectangular wraps that match your flameless candle sizes onto Blast-Off Blue™ and cut out. NOTE: If you have a different pillar size then just cut your own rectangle to match the circumference of your candle (the rectangle’s width) by the height you’d like the wrap to be (the rectangle’s height).

 Northern Lights Paper Craft

Step 3: Print my templates for northern lights and tree silhouettes templates onto Vulcan Green™, Lunar Blue™, Gravity Grape™, and Eclipse Black™. You can use my templates or just cut your own swirls pattern to create your own aurora borealis.

Step 4: Glue the northern lights and tree silhouettes to the candle wraps. Let dry fully.

Step 5: Wrap the candle wraps around your LED pillar and secure with washi tape. Add stars using a ⅛” hole punch and metallic White Gold™ cardstock. Turn on your LED lights to light up your winter nights!

 Be sure to see more of my simple and clever paper projects at Astrobrights.com.

Northern Lights Classroom Project

Kathy Beymer

Instagram: @kathybeymer

Pinterest: @merrimentdesign



[1] Source: Space.com and Lights Over Lapland.



[1] Source: Space.com and Lights Over Lapland.