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Patriotic Party Decor

Astrobrights Patriotic Party Decor


Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LYNN LILLY
  Craft Box Girls


Summer is a time to celebrate. July 4th is one of my favorite holidays to gather family and friends outdoors and celebrate with food, fun and fireworks. I wanted to add a little pizzaz to this years celebration so I hit the crafting room to create the perfect patriotic centerpiece with brilliant colored cardstock. With just a few easy steps you can have your own sparkler centerpiece. You can take the techniques I used and switch up the colors for any occasion.



Patriotic Party Ideas

  • Astrobrights Stardust White Cardstock, Blast Off Blue Cardstock, Rocket Red Cardstock
  • Paper glue
  • Silver curling ribbon
  • Star stamp
  • Small golden bucket
  • White skewers
  • Patriotic Party Templates


Star Spangled Sparkler


  DIY Paper Sparkler

1. Take the red, white, and blue cardstock  and cut following template

Sparkler Template

2. When cutting the horizontals slits make sure tonly cut 90% of the way through. This creates a fringe. Do this will all three colors.

Fringe Template

3. Take the paper glue and glue each sheet on to each other, with the fringe all facing the same way.

Sparkler Downloadable

4. Next, roll the layers of cardstock and secure the end with glue.

Paper Sparkler

5. Add glue to the end of the skewer and slide into the center of the roll-up.

4th of July Sparkler Craft


Fun Firecracker

DIY Paper Firecracker

1. Trace and cut the templates. The circle should be Blast-Off Blue, the rectangle Rocket Red and the strips Stardust White.


Paper Firecracker Template

2. Cut halfway into the blue circle.

Paper Firecracker How To

3. Roll the red paper and secure with glue.

Paper Firecracker

4. Using the glue, glue the white strips around the red roll.

Red White and Blue Firecraker Craft

5. Glue the blue circle into a cone.

Firecracker Craft

6. Glue the silver ribbons inside the firecracker.

Paper Firecracker Craftivity

7. Take the plastic skewer and glue to the firework.



Patriotic Pinwheel

Patriotic Paper Pinwheel

1. Cut and trace the template. Cut two circles of Blast-Off Blue, Stardust White and Rocket Red.

Paper Pinwheel Template

2. Cut two small circles out of the Stardust White. If you have pinking shears you use for added detail. Add the star stamp to the center.

3. Fold the 6 circles of paper in half.

4. Take the folded circles and insert into each other forming a circle adding glue as you go.

Pinwheel Craft

5. Glue the small circles in the center, with the stamp facing out.

Paper Pinwheel DIY

6. Glue the skewer to the pinwheel.


Patriotic Bucket Hat

DIY Patriotic Bucket Hat

1. Trace and cut Rocket Red strips from the template.

2. Trace and cut Blast-Off Blue and Stardust White stars from the template.

Patriotic Bucket Hat Template

3. Trace and cut a Rocket Red circle from the template.

Bucket Hat Craft

4. Glue the large circle on to the bottom of the gold bucket, and glue the red strips of paper around the bucket.

Fun Patriotic Bucket Hat

 Striped Bucket Hat

5. Glue stars on the outside of the bucket

Star Spangled Bucket Hat Craft

Stuff the tin can with fluff and add the pinwheel, the rocket, and the sparkler and get ready for a fun celebration!

DIY Patriotic Party Decor



Lynn Lilly


Colors Used: