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S’mores Campfire DIY Paper Playset


Astrobrights S'mores DIY Playset by Kathy Beymer


Kathy Beymer Bright MindBY KATHY BEYMER
  Merriment Design


Keep summertime alive with this interactive s’mores campfire paper playset! This cute paper craft project features a toasty campfire with wood-grain logs surrounded by a stone ‘safety’ ring for kids to toast pretend marshmallows until they’re golden brown. Start by building the fire, then slip marshmallows onto sticks for toasting. When the marshmallows are ready, just pop them onto paper graham crackers and add some chocolate for a yummy s’mores treat. There’s even a black charred marshmallow that accidentally got a little too close to the fire -- oops!

This whimsical playset is a fun and easy craft to make with kids and takes just a few supplies that you probably already have at home. Kids can make as many s’mores as they like with their handmade campfire, rain or shine.


Yummy Marshmallows, Chocolate, and Graham Crackers

Astrobrights Smores DIY Play Set


  • Kathy’s s’mores templates (PDF)

  • Astrobrights Papers in Solar White, Husk, Grocer Kraft, and Eclipse Black

  • 2 empty cardboard toilet paper rolls (to make 4 marshmallows)

  • Paper scissors, craft knife, metal ruler, self-healing cutting mat

  • Glue or double-sided tape

  • Sticks (fallen from a tree)

DIY Smores Campfire Supplies

Step 1: Print templates onto Astrobrights Papers and cut out marshmallow pieces, graham crackers, and chocolate.

Step 2: Cut the toilet paper rolls in half with a craft knife to make two “marshmallows” per roll.

Step 3: Fold the triangles down to create circles, then glue or tape the circles onto both ends of the toilet paper roll. 


DIY Paper Marshmallows

Step 4: Roll the marshmallow rectangle around the toilet paper roll and affix with glue or double-side tape.

Step 5: Add optional toasted bits to some of the marshmallows.

 DIY  Paper Smores Playset

Toasty Campfire with Wood Grain Logs and Stones

DIY Paper Campfire Logs


  • Kathy’s printable campfire, logs, and stones templates (see above link)

  • Astrobrights Papers cardstock in Re-Entry Red, Cosmic Orange™, Solar Yellow™, Grocer Kraft Brown, Husk, and Concrete

  • 3 empty cardboard tubes from paper towels

  • Paper scissors, craft knife, metal ruler, and self-healing cutting mat

  • Glue or double-sided tape

DIY Paper Campfire Logs Supplies


Step 1: Print my templates onto Astrobrights Papers and cut out the woodgrain for logs, log ends, stones, and fire pieces.

Step 2: To make a log, fold the triangles down to create circles, then glue or tape the circles onto both ends of the cardboard tube. Roll the wood-grain rectangle around the cardboard tube and secure with glue or double-sided tape. Repeat for all three logs.


DIY Campfire Log

Step 3: To make a plume of fire, glue the fire layers (Re-Entry Red, Cosmic Orange™, Solar Yellow™) together and let dry. Repeat for all three plumes.


DIY Campfire Plumes

Step 4: Line up the three plumes so they make one continuous piece. Tape the plumes together on the back, then bend all three into a triangle. Tape to secure.

DIY Paper Campfire Plumes

Step 5: Arrange the triangular campfire between the three logs and surround the fire with a stone ring for ‘safety.’ Place marshmallows onto wooden sticks, and play!

Astrobrights S'mores and Campfire Playset

I hope that you enjoy making your own DIY paper s’mores playset using my hand-drawn campfire and s’mores templates. It’s perfect for camping or glamping inside the house, no tent required.


Kids DIY S'mores and Campfire Playset

Here’s to an endless summer! :D