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DIY Tropical Flowers



Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LUCIA MALLEA



Summer is almost here, and what better way to celebrate it than with paper FLOWERS!

Astrobrights® Fiesta Pack papers are so vibrant and happy that I just had to make one of my favorite flowers: Hibiscus!!

These flowers are ready to be used as-is, or you can try them in different ways!


Threading them on gold twine to create a garland or necklace is a great idea, as it can add a touch of color and nature to any party or event. Using flowers to upgrade household items, such as a picture frame, is another clever way to bring some floral flair to your home decor.


And of course, giving flowers as a gift is always a classic option, especially for Mother's Day. Adding some stems and wrapping them in pretty paper can create a lovely bouquet that any mom would love.


Overall, there are so many possibilities when it comes to using flowers creatively. Whether you're decorating your home or giving them as a gift, flowers can bring joy and beauty to any occasion.






Step 1: Cut out your flower template and trace onto the Fireball Fuchsia™, Cosmic Orange™, Lunar Blue™, Gravity Grape™. Cut out the flowers.


Step 2: Using the blade of your scissors, carefully curl in the flower’s petals.


Step 3: To close the flowers, glue the tab popping out of one of the petals to the back of the petal next to it.


Step 4: For the center of the flowers, make a small triangle using the Solar Yellow™ paper. Make little cuts all the way through as shown. Then, grab a Fireball Fuchsia™ sheet and cut a small rectangle. Fold in half and with the folded part up make 5 cuts down almost all the way through.


Step 5: Using your scissors, curl the yellow triangle paper. Now roll the fuchsia fringe and place it inside the yellow triangle. Start folding the yellow triangle all the way through. Glue at the bottom to secure. Pull the yellow fringe out to give dimension. You’ve now made the center of the flower, which in the Hibiscus flower are called the anther and stigma!


Step 6: Glue the center of the flower you just made to the middle of your flower. Repeat with all other flowers.  


Step 7: Add some leaves! Using your Terra Green™ paper, make some leaves to add extra magic.


All done!

Your tropical flowers are ready to bring joy to any space!