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DIY Woodland Creatures


Woodland Fox 


Bright Mind Lynn LillyBY LYNN LILLY
  Craft Box Girls


 I love crafts that promote playtime after craft time is over. It is a double win! The Astrobrights® Spectrum Cardstock pack is great for kids crafts and the variety of the pack is great for all types of projects. The cardstock is sturdy which makes it perfect for playtime.



Astrobrights Spectrum Paper

1. Use the Stardust White™ cardstock as a straight edge to measure about 2” on the Cosmic Orange™ cardstock. Remove the white sheet and cut along the line on the orange sheet.  

Woodland Creatures DIY

2. Apply glue to the end of the Cosmic Orange™ strip, roll up and attach it to the other end. Overlap the sides until you get the size you want. Use your finger to press the paper together until will stay by itself.

How to Draw Woodland Creatures

3. Next draw the fox head, arms, and tail on the Cosmic Orange™. On the Stardust White™, draw the ear fur, fur for the fox face and fur for the end of the tail. 

How to Draw Woodland Creatures

4. You can also download the free template by clicking here. Print the template cut out and trace.

5.Follow the photos below to assemble the fox.  

Paper Fox

DIY Fox Craft

 If you want to have an extra fun play time, create a second fox, and use the other colors in the Spectrum pack to make a ground.

DIY Woodland Creatures Astobrights

 Happy Crafting!