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Animal Puns Chocolate Bar Wrappers for Valentine's Day




Kathy Beymer Bright MindBY KATHY BEYMER
  Merriment Design


Make my toad-ally awesome animal puns chocolate bar wrappers for Valentine's Day using Astrodesigns® cardstock!

My printable chocolate bar wrappers feature funny animal puns that are sure to make your Valentine smile:

  • You're toad-ally awesome, Valentine!
  • I pig you to be my Valentine!
  • Have a tiger-ific Valentine's Day!

I drew a toad, pig, and tiger wearing cozy turtleneck sweaters for February. Then I wrapped them around standard-size chocolate bars to make an easy Valentine's Day gift for kids.

The cheery Astrodesigns® Macaron assortment paper pack is perfect for making my easy Valentine's Day gift idea. In fact, Merry Mint™ inspired the toad, Punchy Peach™ the tiger, and of course Bubble Gum™ the pig.

My tiger-iffic animal valentines are sure to delight! Kids can help make wrapped chocolate bars for their classmates, teachers, family, babysitters, and neighbors. Download my free printable chocolate bar wrappers template for a punny Valentine's Day!


Step 1: Download and print my animal puns chocolate wrappers template onto Astrodesigns® cardstock. I designed two sizes of chocolate bar wrappers: 1.55-ounce (2.25” x 5.5”) standard chocolate bars and 3-ounce (2.75” x 5.5”) chocolate bars; feel free to adjust the template length to cover other chocolate bar sizes.

Step 2: Cut out the chocolate bar wrappers, hearts, and turtleneck sweaters. Glue hearts and sweaters onto the chocolate wrappers and let them dry fully.

Step 3: While the glue is drying, cover the chocolate bar label with paper in a coordinating color. There's no need to unwrap the chocolate bar first; just cover the label (or foil) in paper by folding in the left and right sides, followed by the top and bottom, and secure it tightly with tape. You can score the paper first for crisp folds by outlining the chocolate bar with a bone folder or butter knife.

Step 4: Wrap an animal around the covered chocolate bar by lining up the tiger’s ears, toad’s eyes, and pig’s ears to float above the top of the chocolate bar, then wrap it around and secure with double-sided tape or glue dots.

Step 5: Sign the backs of the wrapped chocolate bars in black pen and give to your Valentines!

Be sure to see more of my paper crafts for Astrobrights® and Astrodesigns® including my Valentine's Day Jokes for Classroom Exchanges and my Mugs & Kisses Coffee Bar Treat.

Kathy Beymer

Instagram: @kathybeymer

Pinterest: @merrimentdesign